10 Small Business Owner Talking Points for a Podcast.

Run a small business in North Carolina and want to start a podcast? Here are ten ideas for topics you can cover in your first few episodes!

  1. The history and story behind your small business.
  2. The unique products or services that your business offers.
  3. The challenges and triumphs of running a small business in North Carolina.
  4. Tips and advice for other small business owners in North Carolina.
  5. The impact of COVID-19 on your small business and how you adapted.
  6. The local community and how your small business is involved.
  7. The role of technology in your small business operations.
  8. Collaborations and partnerships with other businesses or organizations in North Carolina.
  9. The future plans and goals for your small business.
  10. Personal insights and lessons learned from running a small business in North Carolina.

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